If your routine has been thrown off due to the quarantine thanks to the coronavirus threat, you’re not the only one. Additional time in the house (close to the kitchen) and less opportunities for exercise have led to a bit of unwanted weight gain in several people, which even has a name – quarantine 15 (much like the freshman 15 you may have put on in college).
With things beginning to open back up, along with the warm-weather months being upon us, it’s time to get to work to shed off those extra pounds.
To help with that, Bannister Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing presents five of the best exercises for weight-loss.
Box Jumps
Be sure to know your limitations, but if you have a wooden crate – or even a sturdy step – you can perform box jumps, which are exactly as they sound. Box jumps are high-intensity movements that will increase your heart rate and burn fat.
Burpees combine several exercises in one. It starts with a dropping down for a push up, then springing to your feet, leaping and clapping over your head. And that’s just one! But it works all body parts and will burn calories in no time.
While burpees may be movement overload, planks require no movement. While laying flat on your stomach, get on your elbows and toes and hold your position. While maintaining this position requires mental focus, you’ll get plenty of physical benefits from this too.
Squats work the biggest muscles in the body and boost your metabolism. As an added bonus, they extra strength in the lower body will help you with your balance. If you need assistance performing the squat, you can use a chair.
Take advantage of the mild weather and hit the pavement! Jogging will get your heart rate up and melt calories at the same time.
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