The Bannister Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation is committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones receive care from the most qualified and appropriate professionals in their field. This means not only vetting candidates for educational requirements and certifications but also interviewing for and encouraging those personality traits we know to be the most beneficial to our special brand of work.

This information is not only helpful to our patients and their families, though; it may useful to students considering our professional field. Not every job is for everyone, and sometimes our interests, values, personalities, and character traits better fit some positions than others. Patience and kindness are obvious examples, of course, but there may be a few other qualities you’ve yet to consider.

Long-term nursing care and rehabilitation require a certain level of personal commitment; this is not a job where one can just show up for their shift and work half-heartedly. A care professional has to be alert and attentive so that they notice subtle patient needs and changes. They must sometimes be flexible and adaptive, as constant patient care dictates facilities must always be adequately manned, even if that means covering someone else’s shift, or staying late when a replacement is delayed.

Finally, care professionals must be lighthearted, easygoing, and tolerant. Our patients sometimes deal with discomfort, frustration, and confusion as part of their daily challenges, and they’re in need of an upbeat environment full of understanding and compassion. Potential future career caregivers should take an honest inventory of themselves prior to committing to the field, both for the sake of their own professional satisfaction and for the sake of the patients for whom they’ll be charged to care.