There’s a growing belief that anxiety and stress could be an additional risk factor for heart disease, so while it seems that all those things cluttering your life are just a nuisance, they could actually be harmful to your health.

Bannister Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing have five ways to eliminate clutter and melt the stress that goes along with it.

  1. Organize Your Time

If you’re not keeping a calendar to manage meetings, events, doctor appointments, and more, you need to start. And it’s easier than ever since you can use your smartphone to do this organization for you.

  1. Tidy Up

Looking at clutter on your desk, in your house, or in your car can be mentally exhausting. Go through everything and be honest about getting rid of things you don’t need. Store things away if you can’t throw them out but don’t need them front and center, and then put things away as you take them out, moving forward.

  1. Just Say No

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and say yes to everyone and everything. But that’s an easy way to become overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to turn things down.

  1. Make Sleep a Priority

Give your brain a much-needed break. Put the screens away an hour or two before bedtime and get on a regular sleep schedule. Also make time to exercise, as working out has been known to increase mood and be a great outlet for stress.

  1. Enjoy the Company of Others

Make it a priority to be around people who make you feel good. Having a solid emotional support system can go a long way towards good mental health. We learned about this during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s important to be social now that we can once again.


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