The food at Bannister Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing just got even better.

Chef Walter Potenza – recognized as one of the “Top 50 Italian Master Chefs in the World” – is now serving his famous healthy dishes for residents and patients at Bannister Center. Future events are also in the works where residents will be able to interact directly with Chef Walter.

Potenza – who has called Rhode Island home for decades – has a television show called “Flavors & Knowledge” that dates back to the 1980s. It can be seen in the Providence area on the CW Network every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 8:00 a.m.

In 1995, he opened Chef Walters Cooking School in Cranston, RI. Aspiring chefs of all ages and experience levels are welcome at the school, whether someone is looking for some new ideas in the home, or they are looking to begin a culinary career.

Many of Potenza’s classes focus on health and nutrition, and those traits will serve the residents of Bannister Center well. Short-term rehabilitation patients under the GO Rehab program will dine on healthy foods that will help them get stronger and ready to go home faster.

One of Chef Walter’s areas of expertise is in the Mediterranean 21 Health & Wellness program – with major emphasis on diabetes, Celiac (gluten intolerance), and the healthy cuisines of the 21 countries present in the Mediterranean basin.

The GO Rehab program at Bannister Center is a groundbreaking, state-of-the-art rehabilitation program that covers a patient’s every need during their stay. Besides providing first-class physical and occupational therapy, patients can see an attending physician every weekday, and they have access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therapy options are enhanced with the cutting-edge Jintronix biofeedback system – an electronic program that interacts with patients in ways that weren’t possible until now. We are also empowering short-term residents by providing weekly individual conferences with our experts, comforts of home like smart TVs equipped with Netflix, and, now, gourmet meals from Chef Walter Potenza.